Lamp Type-C Graphic design

Two words : Lamp and USB type-c, these were my inspiration for this Logo concept which I called Lamp Type-C for obvious reasons

Project 8 Logo Design

Project 8, was also inspired by Google Material Design and made by me using Illustrator

I hope you liked it and please tell me what you think


Inspired by Google Design on android Lollipop and Marshmallow

The letter " M " has no origin just crossed my mind, meaning that this logo has no name or perpuse YET

Thank you for taking time to review this.

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Yuri Shwedoff

This is my first shutout or featured Designer .. one that I really admire and really in love with he's magical artwork, Yuri Shwedoff a Russian artist live Moscow he's know for this incredible style of design hope you like what you see


You can visit him right here on his Official Gallery


Created and Designed by me